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We pride our ourselves as a genuine local company that operates in making
a positive difference in the life of our customers.

Janet Quest
Fast Service

Sam at Mikor Dubai explained the situaton in Dubai so clearly for me before arrived and that made me feel like i was already there. Helped put things in percepective.

Jeffery Hammond
Best in Ghana

This agency is really good. Just as they advertised they delivered perfectly. I got my work visa in 2 day, I also got my tickets in 2 days. And I’m 5 days the whole process was complete. Today I’m working and living very comfortably here in Dubai. I recommend 💯.

Janet Quest
Fast Service

Sam at Mikor Dubai explained the situaton in Dubai so clearly for me before arrived and that made me feel like i was already there. Helped put things in percepective.

Julius Atipoe
Kings of Kings

My flight got canceled twice. I know it's not your fault but you could have provided a better airline. For that reason I'm giving you 3 stars.

Francis Yaw Asare
Awesome Team

The whole team at Mikor Travels was awesome to deal with. Getting the job was the easy part but getting my entire process was almost as easy except the flight cancelations . I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.

Abdullah Fuseni
Good Price & Communication

Good price, Excellent communication throughout the entire process. Have my visa ready and my ticket in 2 days. Can't wait to leave next week!

Grace Bediako
Effecient in All Areas

This company was a pleasure to deal with. Efficient, and everything went well, from visa to job. I completed my entire process with job in Dubai in 10 days due to the weekend - nothing budged! I would recommend Mikor Dubai , for sure.

Nana Asare Kumbour
Absolutely Phenominal Company

Mikor Dubai is an absolutely phenomenal company to have a career in! Everyone treats each other like family,clients are cared for with genuine and enthusiastic mindset, the business logistics are flawless and the training for success are unmatched! As an accredited Google Local Guide, it is my pleasure to provide my honest insight

Patience Anokye
They Did All The Work For Me

These people worked side by side with me, walking me through our questions, updating our resume to meet job criteria, and we were so appreciative of their timely responses. We know this is a busy facility but this team of professionals were just that for us, professional, efficient and friendly. We have enjoyed working with them.

Oliver Amoani
Best Thing That Happened To Me

My brother told me about Mikor Dubai's travel package so I decided to give it a try by calling to make enquiries. I spoke to an agent on the phone who was very nice to me and gave me directions to their office. When I got to their office I was feeling very tensed. Their staff was so nice and explained to me everything I needed to know about their package. I was convinced and made payments to start my process. They informed me that my process was going to be completed in 2 weeks but they delivered in less than 10 days. All I can say is Mikor Dubai is the best Dubai travel agency in Ghana. Keep doing the best for the youth of Ghana.

Yaw Berko
An Agency You can Count On

Mikor Dubai is a really great agency you can count on. The staff in the office are very friendly and treat their customers with respect. I’m currently living and working in Dubai with the help of this reputable agency. When I first started my process, I was told my visa would be ready in 48 hours but what was in intriguing and made me believe was that I got my visa in 24 hours after which I followed up, completed my payments and in all left Ghana with one week. This was great because that was what they advertised. At the airport I was with the Mikor Dubai follow up consultant called chief. He helped me check in guided me along the way and finally made my here to Dubai. Upon arrival the Agent who was supposed to pick up was about 15 minutes late but that was okay because I was looking a lot of Porsche cars for the first time and was really amazing. We got to the house where I signup for the shared housing facility, got my room keys and then got settled in. The agent who picked me up later brought me some food that night and showed me nearby shops I could go to and other low cost restaurants. My overall experience with Mikor Dubai was really good. 5 stars

Cosmos Tsum
Very Friendly Agency

I understood that, the package is an All-Inclusive which means it comes with visa, job & accommodation. The great thing I really liked about Mikor Dubai was that, the agent in Dubai was very friendly. He presented me several job options of which I picked a warehouse assistant. Though the working hours are long, the salary is better and I’m happy this way. In terms of the process in Ghana, it was just as they advertised. Accommodation is good, nearby restaurants and also very great service with the agents. They explain everything to you in detail. They set your expectations on what you should expect and I’m thankful for what they do because most travel agency never do that. This insight gave me a clear understanding of what to expect before arriving. In simple words, I personally think Mikor Dubai is the best Dubai travel agency in Ghana and for anyone looking to travel and work in Dubai should go there and for that, I endorse with 5 stars. Mikor Dubai is the place for you to go.