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#1 Dubai Travel Agency in Ghana

We truly believe in work and financial independence as individuals. Which is why Mikor Dubai, actively supports Ghanaians with a highly reliable and guaranteed source of travel and work abroad recruitment service.

Our mission is to help every Ghanaian youth become financially independent.

We are humbled and proud to say we have assisted over 300 Ghanaians who are currently living and working in Dubai happily with salararies starting from GHC 2,500 up to GHC 13,000 accross all job industries.

Mikor Dubai is operated and owned by Mikor™ Travel & Tours® Registerd Corporation based at transformer junction, Lashibi, Tema, Ghana.

Business Information

Our customer service centre is located in Lashibi, Tema, Ghana.

We are also located in Dubai (UAE) and Toronto(Canada)

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7000 Jobs
in Dubai
2500 GHC Minimum
Salary/ Mo
13000 GHC Maximum
Salary/ Mo
300 Customers
in Dubai

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