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As the leading Dubai Travel Employment Agency in Ghana, we get a great deal of inquiries from clients about what it resembles to travel and work in Dubai, in this article we will give you a portion of the significant hints you have to know.

Many individuals wonder what it feels like to carry on with an expat life, and particularly in the United Arab Emirates ( Dubai ) where ladies are apparently abused and men stroll around with machine guns. In this article, we want to reveal some insight into the truth of life in the Middle East (DUBAI) and ideally give some helpful bits of knowledge to anybody needing to live and work in Dubai.


In case you're intending to work in Dubai, you'll need a work visa. The uplifting news is, if you’re employed by a Dubai company, they're entirely simple to acquire.

Since a work visa is required, it's least demanding to make a beeline for Dubai after you've been offered a position. That being said, it's conceivable to enter the emirate on a guest or visitor visa for your pursuit of employment and after that, transfer your visa status once you've found employment.

Most guests to going Dubai aren't required to get a visa; one will be issued to you upon landing.

Numerous Dubai organizations employ through recruiting agencies. Working with a recruiting agency in dubai is very common and it's considered the most ideal approach to secure a job inside the emirate fast.

Be likewise mindful that, these recruitment agencies may charge you a specialist expense upon job securement, normally termed as “Agent Fee”.

At the moment, the UAE doesn’t allow foreign carriers of diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C and tuberculosis. to reside in the emirates.


This may appear to be a conspicuous spot to begin, however securing a vocation in Dubai may not be as simple as individuals may initially think.

Finding new work in Dubai isn't as simple as you may might suspect, however not impossible. Organizations put a significant amount of cash in the hiring procedure, which incorporates visa costs, flights, medicals and accommodation benefits. etc

In any case, know that, when you find a new work in Dubai that gives you the visa, plane ticket, medical insurance and accommodation; you ought to be prepared to sign an agreement that lasts for as long as 2 years.

The contract may expect you to hand-over your international passport to the organization that contracts you.

The organization will at that point keep your international passport until your agreement has been effectively finished.

Before going after a position in Dubai, ensure that you are set up for the enrolment procedure and ensure that you truly want to relocate there. Additionally its extremely critical to ensure that you have the majority of your school/college records validated as these are regularly required for visa preparing for certain level occupations, and have enough cash to make due until you get your first pay-check.



This is more for good manners than a real need to learn Arabic as the most broadly communicated in language is English. Many people that you will meet in Dubai will be from around the globe, including India, the Philippines, and Europe, in any case, you will meet other Arabic nationals from Lebanon, Egypt and Syria and having a couple of Arabic words convenient will go far.

Words, for example, 'thank you' 'hi' and 'farewell' are continually going to be valuable in any language.


This might seem like an obvious one, however, numerous individuals really neglect. In the event that you are visiting any of the open shorelines or pool, at that point obviously swimwear is totally fine, yet I would consistently exhort somewhat progressively unobtrusive garments when exploring other parts of Dubai.

Dubai has a zero tolerance to topless and naked sunbathing.


Dubai is not like, USA or Canada. here are somethings you should know:

  1. Try not to take liquor out in broad daylight. For instance, in the event that you are arranging a day on beach, pool or an excursion in the recreation centre, do not be enticed to take any liquor with you. In the event that you are caught out in the open with liquor you will confront some really genuine repercussions.
  2. Furthermore, in the event that you have been at a boozy informal lunch or heading home following a major night out, consistently attempt to keep your self-control in broad daylight, and attempt to appear as calm as you could reasonably be expected to be.

Dubai enforcement have next to no tolerance to alcoholic conduct.


Emirati individuals are very proud. Proud for their way of life, pleased with their city and pleased with their pioneers, and as it should be, as any nationals are of their country.

Regard religious and social contrasts, accept the opportunity to learn and converse with the neighbourhood individuals. Religious events, for example, Ramadan and Eid are critical in the Islamic schedule. Anybody considering moving to Dubai ought to be urged to partake, appreciate an Iftar (dinner taken when breaking the quick) or two, and appreciate the devouring and festivities that occur around these events.

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